Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How many teams per school should we register?

You can register as many teams as you want from your school. However, only teams who pass the selection criteria will be selected to be the finalists to join BEST Challenge.

2. I am from science major. Can I team up with my friend from social major?

Yes. Your team may consists of students from all major from grade X, XI or XII, male or female.

3. How many essay or video can we submit?

The registration requirement is that your team must make an essay or video about one of the 3 topics given. See the topics hereEach team is only allowed to submit one essay or video

4. Do we have to pay for the registration?

You don't need to pay anything to register, but, if your team pass to be the finalist, you are required to pay Rp 300.000 per team via bank transfer to 4970.71.3030 a/n YAY PRASETIYA MULYA BCA Serpong Branch. 

5. What are the selection criteria to be the finalist?

The selection criteria to pass the essay or video are topic conformity, creativity, data and analysis.

6. What do we have to do in the challenge?

There are a case study presentation, BEST race (Amazing race concept) and lip sync battle competition. Team participants will be given a Case Study from Indonesia prominent Business Economics practitioner. Teams will have to analyze the case, give the best solution, make the report and make the presentation in limited time. After that, all team participants have to present their analysis in front of the practitioner and other judges. 

7. What is in the Gala Dinner?

Gala Dinner is a formal appreciation night to announce the winner of the competition. There will be Key Note speeches from our Rector, Prof. Djisman Simandjuntak, and Indonesia prominent business economist (to be confirmed). All participants will have to wear formal attire such as suit for men and dress for women. All participants (students and teachers) and parents are invited to Gala Dinner.

8. What are the prizes?

The prize is worth more than 25 million rupiahs. There will be awards for 1st winner, 2nd winner, Most Valuable Participant (MVP), throphy, and prize for winners' schools.

9. What is Teacher Business Economics Seminar & Workshop?

Not only the students get lecture and workshop, but the teachers do too. We invite 2 (two) teachers from each finalist school to join us in BEST Challenge and they will be given lecture/seminar & workshop in Business Economics. Certificates are provided.

10. Is the accommodation included?

Yes. Participants from Great Jakarta will be given 1 night accomodation in hotel near the campus.

Participants from Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya will be given 2 nights accommodation in the hotel located near the campus during the event. We also provide transportation from and to campus.

Aircraft ticket will be given for Semarang and Surabaya team finalists.