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Recruitment Talk with Go-Jek in 3rd floor Auditorium Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Gojek is a technology based public transportation. By the advanced technology in this era Go-Jek can be ordered by smartphone. Go-Jek started in 2010 only by phone call, but now has developing becoming on demand mobile platform and application that provide the most complete services  like Go-Ride, Go-Car, Go-Bluebird, Go-Food, Go-Clean, Go- Send, Go- Pulsa, Go-Mart, Go-med and many more. Go-Jek keep innovating with new services with its purpose to simplify Indonesian mobility and Go-Jek consentrate to 3 main value, speed, innovation, and social impact. Go-Jek has operated in 50 different city in Indonesia and will keep developing and innovating spreading its wings to other cities.

In this Recruitment Talk with Gojek presented Pradana Pradipta as People & Culture Innovation Analyst in Go-Jek Indonesia and alumni Business 2007 of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. In this chance, the Recruitment Talk gave information how the recruitment process run in the companies, especially in Go-Jek itself. Recruitment is a process to attract some group of candidate in filling the vacancies in one company. Go-Jek is really open for the recruitment itself because the recruitment process itself not only through one door but three. The first one is a formal track, which is through the company official website or directly to the company, the second door is by the employee or by the HR of the company, lastly the third door is by the friend of the employee itself.

Before the recruitment conducts, usually the job applicant will make a curriculum vitae (CV) or some other said it as resume which be handed to the company. Some of the fact of the resume: 76% of resume ignored by the companies applied because of its unprofessional email, so use professional email for example using your full name as an email and use common domain such as gmail from google. 75% eliminated because the applicant only use the resume by applicant tracking software. And only 35% applicant that really have the quality in applying the job.


“In Gojek we are not only support our own life,, but to support the life for hundreds thousands of family out there.”Nadiem Makariem CEO Go-Jek”

Nadiem Makariem CEO Go-Jek”

In the interview session tips, Pradana Pradipta, with his team, Marsya Adysta and Sri Yunita as People Acquisition Consultant gave simulation to every participants. Everyone was asked to describe themselves to a friend that sit beside them in 60 second. This part is for train their confidence and to have several inside interview question.

Interview is a must thing for any job seeker in a company. The goal of the interview is to know the potential or any capability of an employee candidate have according to the field of job position they wanted. In the interview process, an interviewer should know the candidate from the first 90 second of their description. Pay attention to their sit position and by explaining something about themselves which is not written in the resume or curriculum vitae. When in the interview process with companies and professional employee, things to be considered are skills, work motivation, conformity, and work ethics.

We hope the recruitment talks with Go-Jek can be useful for students in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

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