Career Talks with Samsung

Wednesday, 22th Novermber 2017, PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) conduct a seminar with the title “Career Talk with Samsung” in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. As all we know, Samsung move in electronic, communication and solution field. Ever since Samsung established in Suwon, Koera in 1969, Samsung Electronics has growing to the leader of Global IT, which manage more than 200 subsidiary in all over the world.

Susi Boediman as HR Director of PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) gave some knowledge from her experiences. According to Ms.Susi do what you love, do not make the difficulty as a burden for yourself. But make those difficulties as a motivation for yourself, it will be your key of success.

Mrs. Susi told that students of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya have many advantages and many chances than other university because Universitas Prasetiya Mulya have “Business Project” program as one the requirement for graduating. This program is designed with a hope for after graduating, students have sustainable running business. In other side, businesss project have useful benefit to develop new ideas, executing those ideas and then developed it together with other team so the business can run.


You can survive with you self, if you be humble & respect to others

Susi Boediman – HR Director PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia
The strength of PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia comparing with other company that PT Samsung Electronic Indonesia always innovating by giving more comfort and bring smarter lifestyle for their consumer in all over the world. Beside that, Samsung will not let prosperity not be along together with the Samsung big family which prioritize the brotherhood, as Samsung value “co prosperity”. In the seminar of Career Talk with Samsung was also explained that to become big is not enough by instilling more curiosity, but utilize opportunities and always making new innovation which can be useful for the society. The hope is Samsung can stimulate students who come to Career Talk with Samsung by making innovations in to help prospering Indonesian people.

Do Something to Accelerate Your Career

Susi Boediman – HR Director PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia

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