Embracing The Future

Article Since: 25 Agustus 2017

“What’s next?” is a question that will adorn many college students when it comes to graduation. What will i do after i graduate? What strategy should i use to achieve things i want? And many more little question that often comes up with the other big career plans and future.

Of course, there are many way to answer those question. One way is to make a detail life planner and well cooked from the beginning. Many aspects that can be discussed like helath, career, finance, spiritual, social, and many  more. By discussing with detail of those aspects will give us a clear vision about “what’s next?”.

Career is one of the aspect that will be the focus for college students that will soon graduating. In this article we try to discussed things to consider in choosing a career:

Research. Always do the research first when searching for vacancy. Either from the company culture, job-description, career parh, compensation and benefit, and others.

Planning. Make short – term plan and long-term plan related to life goals you dream of. By doing those thing, we can try to focusing on what we want to achieve by using productive time for wealth accumulation.

Time  Use time wisely. Do things that makes our lives better.

Decision. Don’t take decision by people words only. Find success people and experienced people in their field and learn from them. Take, copy and modificate related to their key of success. This is what it called distribution creative (simplified with new style)

Knowledge. Knowledge you leran from college will be temporary guidance while new knowledge is being developed. Do not forget to applying knowledge you know to broaden our networks to new knowledge. Knowledge also can be found by broading our connection.

Your attitude is your key to success. Excellence: always do the best and keep developing yourself. Integrity: honesty is the source of advancement and success for anyone and anywhere. Impact: do not be a selfish and greedy person, and always try to put other people first.

Taking action. Always start from things you possess first.

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