In support of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya  commitment to finest and highest quality of education programs are various buildings, facilities, and service centers located within its premises. These among others include:

  1. The William Soeryadjaja Building
  2. The Eka Tjipta Widjaja Building
  3. The Liem Sioe Liong Building
  4. The Sofjan Wanandi Building
  5. The PMBS Building
  6. A Service Building
  7. A Utility Building
  8. A Parking Lot
  9. An Ambulance Facility and Campus Bus
  10. A Multifunction Court

The Astra International Library at BSD Campus

This Prasetiya Mulya Library is furnished with facilities in the form of discussion rooms and library resources such as textbooks, scientific papers, and journals (available online CD-ROM), which are quite complete, neat, and easily accessible for the students. There is also a collection of journal articles and scientific papers from ProQuest, ScienceDirect, Emerald, Passport, DoaJ, Garuda, ISJD, and data from Bloomberg, Euromonitor and Capital IQ. All this wealth of knowledge can be accessed on the computers in the premises. The Bloomberg terminal facilities are also available, famously useful for the Economics Study Program, e.g. to assist students in their research and learning process.

Information Support Systems

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya provides some Information Systems to support the students in their lectures such as:

A WiFi Network
A Learning Management System by which students can access learning materials and view class schedules online
A Mailing list to continuously update students on their schedules and on opportunities such as apprenticeships/competitions /committees, etc.

Comfy Classrooms

The air conditioned classrooms are designed to provide comfort for all and facilitate the learning process. In addition, the classroom is typically equipped with a set of computers, projectors and a loudspeaker. Each class can accommodate up to 50 students.

Supporting Infrastructure

There are also a number of other supporting facilities such as a First Aid Room, study areas such as a Study Hall, an Activity Hall, a parking lot, a musholla, a food court, an ambulance and sports fields–all well maintained for students and lecturers activities.

Accomodation Around Campus

Residences in BSD are quite diverse. Available options consist of rented rooms, houses, and apartments.  Their location on a typical map is usually represented with a ‘house’ icon.

The nearest accommodation is Kav Dormitory located exactly behind Prasetiya Mulya campus. It is an area with plenty boarding houses named as Zoe Residence, Maxley, Kubika Homy, Bellevue, D’Laurel, Merryland, Casaduta, and many others. Their location is so strategically close to campus students only need about 5 minutes on foot to get to study.  In addition, there is also a residential area called Foresta (cluster Studento). This cluster is tailor-made for students and can be reached within +15 minutes on foot. Other residential options such as the Eminent, The Icon, and others are within +10 minutes away (on motorcyles) from campus.

Around these student residential areas are a variety of places of amenities where they can dine in, have a haircut, do laundry, and shop groceries.

Facility Help Desk

(021) 305 50 500 ext. 2500 (Facility Help Desk BSD)

(021) 75 111 26 ext. 8888 (Facility Help Desk Cilandak)

Social Info