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S1 Branding

S1 Branding

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Imagine a world without marketing or marketers. Imagine brand new or existing products without anyone being aware of their existances; they might as well not exist at all. Production is one thing while knowledge and access to a product is another thing. However, the demand of that product is the ultimate goal.

Branding, also known as marketing, is the heart of a business. Marketing is a process that drives production to consumption and the other way around. Have you ever wondered why some products are more in demand than others? Why do people have more interest in certain items instead of others?  What would happen to productions without any demand from customers or potential customers? Branding is about managing values.

To be an undergraduate program of study that contributes significantly to the progress and prosperity of the nation through encouraging and nurturing the growth of human capital as entrepreneurs and professionals who possess knowledge and skills of business management, entrepreneurial character, and high social sensitivity.


  • To develop a continuous learning process to provide a level of understanding that is appropriate to the level and that is responsive to changes in the business landscape.
  • To develop patterns of interaction between students, lecturers, and educational personnel so as to improve the strength of character of graduates.
  • To create an academic atmosphere and learning processes that enhance social sensitiveness of graduates.
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Marketing & Customer Relations

Kavling Edutown I.1 Jl. BSD Raya Utama
BSD City, Tangerang 15339

(021) 304 50 500
WA: 081511662005 or 08124111660

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Why Study Branding

Students in S1 Branding will learn real cases in various major brands across industries though different methods such as guest lectures from Business Leaders, Projects, Community Development, Brand Activation Event, Internship, and University Competitions. Students will learn how to identify consumer behavior, consumer insights, and consumer journey; how to activate, build, and manage a brand; as well as how to create practical and experiential marketing campaigns.


In the 1st year, students will learn conceptual and practical knowledge about business and branding. During this period, students are also required to do an internship project to experience practical professional working life in the branding-related fields. In the 2nd year, students will learn and apply conceptual and practical knowledge about branding, and they will be assigned to carry out a branding-focused project. In the 3rd year, students will have the option to enroll in various elective subjects such as Managing Big Data, E-Interactivity, and Social media, or Luxurious Product Branding. In the 4th year, students can choose to do either real-world project improvement in a company or branding research as a final project paper.


Semester 1
Customer Behavior*

Semester 2
Consumer Insight*


Semester 3
Customer Journey

Semester 4
Marketing Management*


Semester 5
Brand Management *

Semester 6
Marketing Strategy


Semester 7
Experiential Branding

Semester 8
Final Project

Note: * an example of prerequisite subjects from 1st -7th
The Curriculum could be updated based on current situation semester.

Career Prospect

Brand Manager, Product Manager, Campaign Manager, Advertising Manager, Promotion Manager, Customer Relations Manager, Creative Branding/Marketing Consultant Marketing Professional, Marketing Research Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Professional, PublicRelations Professional, Leisure/Lifestyle Marketing Professional, Corporate Communication Professional, Creativepreneur, etc.

S1 Branding students at Prasetiya Mulya are challenged to become successful marketers not only in identifying consumers or creating unique products, but also in grasping and communicating the subtle nuances through the integration of branding activities–offline and online–so consumers become aware, stay keen to buy, and want to repeat purchases.