Know Us Better



Vision Statement

To be a regionally leading School of Business and Economics and point of reference in business education, research, and community development.

Mission Statement

Educate entrepreneurial leaders to be able to navigate changes effectively and deliver constructive solutions for the advancement of businesses and societies.

Core Values

The core values of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya are caring, humility, achieving and integrity or abbreviated as CHAIN. The value of Caring means that every member should sincerely and thoughtfully display kindness and concern for others. The value of Humility means appreciating each other’s idea or diversity by being humble or free from pride or arrogance. The value of Achieving means that every employee and student should strive for excellence in every given task or project. The value of Integrity implies that every member adheres to professional standards, acts ethically, and maintains harmonious relationship within the organization

Organizational Structure

Dr. Fathony Rahman, DBA

Dean School of Business & Economics

Dr. C. Yosevina Ratna

Vice Dean I

Dr. Adrian Teja

Vice Dean II

Henry Pribadi, Ph.D.

Vice Dean III