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The Quality Improvement and Student Development Unit or Unit Peningkatan Mutu dan Pengembangan Kemahasiswaan (KATBANG) focuses on planning, coordinating, managing, and supervising activities to improve the quality and skills of undergraduate students at the School of Business and Economics (SBE). These development activities include conducting quality and skill improvement programs, improving student academic achievement, and fostering student organizations and activities under student associations.

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Bagian KATBANG Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

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Universitas Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus – Gedung PMBS lt. 5

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Our Activities And Services

Quality Improvement and Student Development Program

KATBANG designs, develops, implements, and evaluates programs to nurture the qualities, talents, and skills of undergraduate students in the School of Business and Economics. The programs carried out include training, workshops, seminars, and other activities needed by students to face future challenges. The implementation of these programs is carried out by KATBANG in collaboration with units within the university and other external parties.

Student Academic Achievement

In order to succeed in overcoming what lies ahead in the future, students should have creativity and competitiveness. Therefore, Katbang encourages students in the School of Business and Economics to take part in academic competitions at the local, national, and international levels to foster and increase the spirit of achievement. The support from Katbang is in the form of disseminating student competition information, providing financial support for student participation in the competitions

Student Organization

Katbang strives to promote organization skills of undergraduate students in the School of Business and Economics by providing mentoring, consultancy, service, and supervision of student activities and events under the student associations. Thus, students are expected to be able to contribute directly and positively to the university and the society as well as to improve organizational, leadership, and interpersonal skills to be successful in the society.

Student Association

Finance and Investment Society (FIS)

The Finance and Investment Society (FIS) is an organization that accommodates students of Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Finance & Banking at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. The FIS organization was founded in 2012 and has already had four active events, namely Investment Club (IC), Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC), Prasetiya Mulya Investment Challenge (PMIC), and FINference.

OWL Club

OWL Club started as a community formed by three S1 Branding students in 2012, namely Radityo Susilo, Rizky Pane, and Adrianus Killian, to become a community that continues to learn and explore marketing knowledge. OWL itself stands for Opportunity, Wisdom, and Learning. Seeing the potential of this community, the OWL Club was inaugurated as a student association for the Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Branding at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya which aims to be a forum for Prasmulyan to develop a love and sense of pride in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and S1 Branding study program.

Accounting Students Associations

Accounting Student Association (ASA) is an organization that facilitates students of Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Accounting at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya to develop academically and non-academically. Founded in 2014, ASA continues to develop and train the capabilities of its members in many kinds of activities. To develop students in the academic field, ASA conducts internal and external accounting competitions and provides tutorials for its new batch of S1 Accounting students. In addition, ASA holds various events in the fields of sports, arts, social, and other non-academic fields to develop students in non-academic fields.

Prasetiya Mulya Hospitality Business Student Association (PESONA)

PESONA (Prasetiya Mulya Hospitality Business Student Association) is a student association for those who are majoring in Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Hospitality Business at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. The PESONA management was first established and formed in 2017. The basis for the establishment of this student association was the idea of uniting the entire batch of Hospitality Business students in a student organization, developing the potential and abilities of students in both academic and non-academic fields, channeling their ideas and aspirations, and encouraging students to be more active, creative, and innovative.


CARYA is the student association of the Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Event at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya whose vision is to become a means for S1 Event students to improve their quality and produce works that can provide positive change, as well as become agents in helping the development of the world of events in Indonesia. CARYA is also a suitable forum for experience-creators to turn creativity into innovative experiences through a work program that will be carried out for one year.

Business Economics Student Association (BEST)

BEST Association is a student association for the Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Business Economics at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya which is present as a forum for students to develop business and economic analysis skills. The Business Economics study program itself is the first study program in Indonesia that guides its students to have critical thinking to improve the economy, produce growth strategies, and conduct research. Therefore, the BEST Association also aims to cultivate students’ potential in these fields in both their academic and non-academic activities.


ECHO is a student association of S1 Business at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya which was founded based on the objectives of the program. We are here to be involved in developing the quality of student output, especially undergraduate Business students. Improvements in the quality of students will be carried out through provision of learning related to business potential, business models for social sustainability, and the impact given by business to the country through student association programs. ECHO stands for Entrepreneurship, Community, Heuristics, and Obliging. In addition, ECHO, that symbolizes the actual meaning of ‘echo’, can have a positive impact, not only on the people who directly participate, but also continue to spread to more people.


The Law Student Executive Council or LEXIL is a student association of Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) International Business Law at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya that was established on June 22, 2020. The vision of the formation of this student association is to create close ties between undergraduate business law students and also to create a learning environment that is aspirational, diligent, innovative, and upholds moral values. To achieve this vision, LEXIL has the following missions: to be a forum for student aspirations, to create a conducive environment to participate in academic and non-academic activities, to become an institution that students can use to develop their potential, to encourage student participation in the development of knowledge and self-development, and to create students’ sense of social responsibility to the community.


Management Society (MS) is a student organization formed, led, and managed by students of the Magister Management Regular (MMR) Program. Several routine projects are carried out annually, such as Pitch First, Marketition, Sports Week, Bazaarcoustic, MS Mengajar, Social Service, Seminars, and Workshops. These projects become a place for students to practice their soft skills. Various valuable lessons that are not taught during lectures are obtained here.