School of Business and Economics Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Student Activities


Prasetiya Mulya is supportive of its students continuing to grow and learn as can be seen from the many student activities that are useful for self-development. In addition to existing committees and management related to these activities, there is also a Student Activity Club, which is known as an Extracurricular/ Student Activity Unit. This unit includes various fields such as Arts and Skills, Sports, and Personal Development.

Art & Skill
Personal Development
  1. Sound Of Phoenix (Orchestra)
  2. Blue Tone (Band)
  3. Svara Prasetiya (Choir)
  4. Teater Puskara
  5. The Prodigy (Dance)
  6. Blue Kitchen (Cooking)
  7. Tatra Sasikirana (Traditional Dance)
  1. Basketball
  2. Volley
  3. Ping-pong
  4. Tennis
  5. Futsal
  6. Badminton
  1. ICC (Intregrated Communication Club)
  2. PMPC (Prasetiya Mulya Property Club)
  3. Apochromatic (Photography)
  4. Exelust (Pecinta Alam)
  5. Acuitas (Acuitas Consulting)
  6. Bleu (Otomotive)