Dr.rer.pol Christiana Yosevina

Vice Dean I School of Business and Economics Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Awards and Honour


Consumer Behavior, Experimental Study, Consumer Behavior in Tourism Context, Social Network Analysis, Word-of-Mouth, Structural Equation Model, Partial Lease Square



Conveying pre-visit experiences through travel advertisements and their effects on destination decisions

Journal of Destination Marketing & Management. Elsevier Publisher. Author: Christiana Yosevina Ratna Tercia., Co. Author: Thorsten Teichert., Dini Anggraeni Sirad., Agus W. Soehadi.

Cultural context in word-of-mouth activity: How consumers respond to monetary incentives in WOM

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (2016). Vol 28 Issue 5, pp: 827-840. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Author: Christiana Yosevina Tercia., Other author: Thorsten Teichert.

How consumer respond to incentivized word-of-mouth: An Examination across gender
Australasia Marketing Journal (AMJ) (2017). Vol 25 Issue 1, pp: 46-56. Elsevier. Author: Christiana Yosevina Tercia, other author: Thorsten Teichert.

Conveying Pre-Visit Experiences by Travel Advertisements and Its Effects on Destination Decisions.
Journal of Destination Marketing and Management. Elsevier. Author: Christiana Yosevina Ratna, other authors: Thorsten Teichert., Dini Sirad., Agus Soehadi.



Are You an Impulse Buyer?

Forum Management Prasetiya Mulya (2008). Vol. II No. 5, pp: 61 – 68. Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Author: Christiana Tercia.

What and How about Corporate Blog

Forum Management Prasetiya Mulya (2009). Vol III No. 9, pp: 55 - 70. Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Author: Christiana Tercia.

The impacts of Sales force entrepreneurial attitude and customer orientation on the sales force performance

Manajemen Usahawan Indonesia (2008). Vol XXXVII No. 4, pp: 38 - 49. Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Author: Christiana Tercia.

Awards and Honour

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdients (DAAD) Stipendium Holder

German Academic Exchange

The Best Graduate inMaster Degree Progra m

Diponegoro University, Indonesia



Consumer Behaviour

Marketing Management

Selling in Business

Brand Management

Trade Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Experiential Marketing

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To Whom should I send it - The Role of incentive and Tie Strength

16th International Marketing Trends Conference in Madrid on January 26th - 28th 2017. Tercia, Ch., Teicher T., 2016.

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Participant : Workshop Entrepreneurship di Babson College USA, 2018

Participant : MIT Sloan –Sasin Action Learning Conference di Sasin Thailand, 2018


Participant : Workshop Event Education di Xiamen China, 2017


Participant : Eduniversal World Convention, Perth Australia, 2016


Research Working Paper: Communication Intensity based on Tie-Strength.

Participant : Workshop Research and Academic Writing Colloquium 2015 (UI)

Research Working Paper: Social Effect as Predetermine of Consumer Engagement in Incentivized WOM.


Christiana Yosevina is a Prasetiya Mulya University Faculty Member who focuses on teaching for marketing courses including Consource Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Experiential Marketing, Marketing Management, Selling in Business, Brand Management, and Trade Marketing. He has also been awarded the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdients (DAAD) Stipendium Holder and the Best Graduate in Master Degree Program at Diponegoro University, Indonesia.

With her experience in the world of marketing, of course she is able to teach and guide students very well. She has also made several research journals and two of them are international class journals entitled "Cultural context in word-of-mouth activity: How consumers respond to monetary incentives in WOM" and "How consumers respond to incentive in word of mouth: An examination across gender, Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ).