Management Study Program

Bachelor of Business (S1)

Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Business at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Build a Business, Make Impact

The entrepreneurship major curriculum is designed to prepare the students to become entrepreneurs who can create and apply innovative business concepts to solve various business problems in new ventures. The unique curriculum integrates business laboratory approach into the overall learning process so the students can directly apply their theoretical knowledge gained from the classrooms into real new venture projects.

Building a New Generation of Educated Entrepreneurs

The number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still far from ideal. Indonesia needs a lot of innovative young entrepreneurs to be able to create jobs and advance the nation.

S1 Business is a concentration of Management Study Program that is conceived to produce well-educated entrepreneurs who are capable of applying business concepts into real business practices. This is planned by integrating the business laboratory into the learning process so that students can directly practice the theories learned in the classroom into a business project. This program is also designed to foster the entrepreneurial character and social sensitivity of its undergraduates by always familiarizing the students to design innovative business concepts that can solve social and environmental problems.

To become an undergraduate study program that makes a real contribution to the progress and prosperity of the nation by encouraging and nurturing the growth of human resources as entrepreneurs and professionals who have a complete business management knowledge and skills, entrepreneurial character, and high social sensitivity.


  • To develop a continuous learning process that provides an excellent level of understanding and that is responsive to changing business landscapes.
  • To develop good interaction between students, lecturers, and education staff to increase the strength of undergraduates’ characters.
  • To create an academic atmosphere and learning process that increases students’ social sensitivity.
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Why take the Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) in Business at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Behind every successful business person, there are obstacles that must be overcome. By following the learning process in S1 Business at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, students will be trained to always look for innovative solutions in responding to every business challenge.

The learning process in the S1 Business study program is designed to prepare students to win global competitions in the future. Through the experiential learning approach, students will undergo experiments that will enable them to reflect their experiences into a conceptualization. This approach leads students to solve the root of the problem through a project-based learning framework.

Students from the S1 Business program are also invited to participate in various learning activities to improve skills, knowledge, and behavior. Students will experience a period of case studies, do company and startup visits, conduct business planning, do business simulations, and experience other entrepreneurial projects aimed at awakening their creativity and innovation. The learning process for the S1 Business study program familiarizes students with the work and business environment. This situation will stimulate the students’ sensitivity to business processes and give them discretion in decision-making.


In the first semester, students will study business theory, while working on case studies and project assignments. The learning process is created to build the entrepreneurial characteristics and mentality of a business person needed. Students are enhanced with analytical thinking skills and are trained to have the courage to take risks. These skills are also combined with strong leadership traits that are constantly trained.

Early in their studies, students learn to assess business opportunities, starting with small group projects. In the following semesters, students will experience greater challenges. They have to create a new and original business, run their project as a business, and keep it as their final business project.


Semester 1
Technology-Based Business

Semester 2
Analytical & Creative Thinking


Semester 3
Business Creation

Semester 4
Business Development


Semester 5
Social Entrepreneurship – Business Process Improvement

Semester 6
Community Development 2 – Knowledge of Creative Business


Semester 7
Hatching Program

Semester 8
Final Business Project

Undergraduates of Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) in Business

As the lifestyle industry has become a prominent area for millennials to tackle, around 12% of our graduates choose to build startups in this industry. Prospect businesses have limitless variations, such as opening coffee shops and food stalls, making unique shoes and wallets, providing services, and much more.

Countless numbers of our graduates have become professionals in fast-growing national and multinational  companies, such as Unilever, Danone, and BCA.

Career Prospects

Entrepreneur, Professional in Business Development Area, Business Planner, Business Analyst, Management and Business Consultant, Small Business Practitioner, Manager, Business Advisor, Business Researcher, Business Economist, General Manager, Administrative Manager, Executive Manager, Project Manager, Trade Manager, etc.

Our Student & Alumni Businesses

Faculty Member:

M. Setiawan Kusmulyono, Mm – Program Manager
Dewi Savitri Saraswati, S.T., Mm. – Vice Program Manager
Ambara Purusottama, MBA
Danang Yudha Prakasa, M.M
Eko Suhartanto, Ph.D.
Teddy Trilaksono, S.Ip, M.A
Elisabeth Novira Da Silva, S.Sos, MBA
Lies Dahlia, S.T., M.M
Muliadi Palesangi, MBA
Nico Fernando Samad, M.M.T., MBP


Henry Pribadi, Ph.D
Nico Fernando Samad, M.M.T., MBP
Shanti Kusumawardhani, M.Bus.Sys
Sonny Agustiawan, S.T., M.S.M
Teguh Endaryono, M.M
Dr. Safriyana
Ari Ardianto, MBA
Iwan Hermawan Kahfi, MBA
Joklan Imelda Camelia Goni, SE, M.M
Leonis Marchalina, Ph.D


  • Studying at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya was the best choice that I have ever made. During the four years of university life, I realized how S1 Business Universitas Prasetiya Mulya played such a big role in building my character and changing my mindset.

    Cynthia Indayani Limin - 2011
    Business Analyst, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)