Tourism Study Program

S1 Event

Faculty Member:

Hanesman Alkhair, M.M, CHE – Manajer Program
Peni Zulandari Suroto, M.M, CHE
Irman Jayawardhana, M.Sc, CHE (Sekretaris Program Studi Tourism Business)
Jessica Ignatia Tambunan, M.Sc

Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Event at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Event organizing is a huge industry in Indonesia. Many events, ranging from cultural performances, entertainment gatherings, youth festivals, and other activities as any form of business ceremonies are organized almost on a daily basis.
As events are divided into 2 industries, MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition) and special events (cultural, sports, wedding, anniversary, etc.); therefore, it is only necessary that the holding of national and international events has the quality of being innovative, skillful human resources (HR), and first-class service mentality.

Event organizing unfolds tremendous opportunities. In terms of MICE events alone, the Ministry of Tourism has recognized that events held in Indonesia can generate revenues of trillions of Rupiah and can contribute significantly to job creation. Under the strong government support to the tourism sector, the Event Management bachelor program at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya is expected to contribute to the growth of the industry in Indonesia.

To become a leading tourism-business undergraduate study program with a global orientation that contributes to developing tourism business knowledge and increasing the capacity of the tourism community through education and research.


  • To organize business-oriented tourism education that empowers students to have global insight and professional thinking. At the same time, to educate students to be critical, strategic, holistic, and be able to solve tourism problems and be an inspiration for the tourism community.
  • To become a reference center for learning innovations that can improve and enrich business-oriented competencies and tourism skills as well as social sensitivity that can contribute to the tourism community.
  • To organize research activities and scientific dissemination that can be applied to support sustainable tourism.
  • To contribute to community service in the tourism sector.
  • To collaborate with tourism stakeholders at national and international levels.
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Why take the Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Event at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

As a pioneer of the event management undergraduate study program in Indonesia, S1 Event at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya has been recognized to have an international standard curriculum that provides a high-quality and international learning experience for its students.

The increasingly widespread development of community and corporate events in the midst of a growing young people population makes the profession in the event sector very promising in the future.

In addition, Indonesia is rich in culture and also offers abundant, endless, interesting, and exotic places to explore. With such varied creation of tourism-related events, the event industry has developed into a rapidly growing business sector. Many strong-colored and varied events that can be created range from cultural rituals, festivals, music and dance performances, concerts, sporting events, conferences and exhibitions, and many more.



Semester 1
Event Operation Management 1

Semester 2
Event Operation Management 2


Semester 3
Special Event 1

Semester 4
Special Event 2


Semester 5
Mice Management

Semester 6
Risk Management in Hospitality, Tourism and Events


Semester 7

Semester 8
Final Project

Undergraduates of Event Study Program

Our goal is to create undergraduates who can create valuable experiences and even more so as to arrange destination-orchestras who have the ability to discover the local potential of a destination. Wherever those undergraduates decide to build a career, they will have the five essential skills as a Destination Orchestrator.

Our undergraduates will be good scanners that have the ability to observe culture, symbols, and meaning. At the same time, they will be the actors who are involved in the process of making those values as sources of creativity. Secondly, our undergraduates will be innovative narrators who can commercialize local folklore with innovative product designs. They can not only collaborate but also configure relationships between stakeholders in the tourism industry. It is also important that our graduates will have the skills to create a sustainable event. Our study program’s strong collaboration with industry and government will make our undergraduates ready to seek opportunities.

Career Prospects

Event & Tourism Destination Consultant, Experience & Event Designer, Journey Designer, Content Creator, Business Events Owner, Professional Conference & Exhibition Organizer, etc.