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S1 Business Economics

Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Business Economics at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya (In English)

With the growth of the global economy, environmental issues, and privatization, business activities are evolving and becoming more complex. This has led every company to require innovative business strategies.

As business complexity grows, the role of economists is not only needed in public policy but also as part of the business decision-making process based on knowledge and skills in economics.

Therefore, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya offers the Business Economics undergraduate program (S1 Ekonomi Bisnis), designed to meet the needs of business experts who can apply economic theory to business practices and capitalize on future opportunities. The program is conducted in English and is open to international students.


To become a reputable undergraduate study program in the field of business economics at the regional level through education and research in order to contribute to making a more inclusive and sustainable business world.


  • To organize education with quality in the field of business economics in theory, methodology, and application.
  • To conduct research that contributes to the development of knowledge in the field of economics that can be applied in the development of the business world.
  • To organize community service based on an inclusive and sustainable business economy.
  • To cooperate with educational institutions, the corporate world, and the government—both at national and international level—regarding the development and learning of business economics.
  • To internationalize education and research in the field of business economics.
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Why take the Bachelor’s Degree Program (S1) Business Economics at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Learning Methods:

Case Studies, Guest Lectures, Critical Reviews, Simulations, Company Visits, Field Projects, Internships, Tutorials, Seminars.

Soft Skills: Graduates of the S1 Business Economics program will possess relevant soft skills designed to prepare them for the global market. These skills are honed through courses (personal development and community development) and workshops (business communication and beginner-level foreign language proficiency). Relevant soft skills include:

  1. Excellent work ethic; capable of prioritizing effectively and working in a team.
  2. Intellectual humility; displaying humility and integrity.
  3. Effective communication; able to communicate solutions in simple terms.
  4. Entrepreneurship; possessing entrepreneurial traits (calculated risk-taking, initiative, and identifying opportunities).
  5. Responsibility; adding value to society with a specialization as the best human resources.

Hard Skills: Prasetiya Mulya also provides various workshops to support students’ skills based on industry needs. As a result, students receive certifications such as advanced Excel and data science before graduation.


Collaboration between programs consists of internal projects and joint research. In addition, there are collaborations consisting of commercial projects, private research, co-teaching, field studies, guest lectures, internships, and company visits.

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya provides cooperation programs with foreign universities. Potential partners for overseas programs are Tsing Hua University, UNSW, Zhejiang University, Boston University, NUS, RMIT, Monash University, KAIST, Peking University, Erasmus, Columbia College, University of South Alabama, Solbridge International School of Business, Georgia Technology , and others.


Semester 1
Mini Business Economics Workshop

Semester 2
Mini Business Economics Conference


Semester 3
Business Creation and Development

Semester 4
Applied Business Analysis


Semester 5
SIMBIZ for Business Economics

Semester 6
Community Development Project II


Semester 7
Business Economics Workshop

Semester 8
Business Economics Conference

Undergraduates of Business Economics Study Program

Undergraduates of the Business Economics study program are prepared to become national and international business analysts and economists. In addition, these undergraduates can work as consultants, researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals in government and non-governmental organizations.

Objectives of Business Economics Study Program

Provide graduates with the ability to synthesize economic and business concepts with strong quantitative skills that can be applied in modern business.

Core Knowledge: Economics and Business 

In addition to the Business Economics study program’s core knowledge, undergraduates will also be equipped with disciplines that will enable them to use a heterodox approach in applying economic concepts to business. These approaches include energy engineering, environmental science, food technology, digital technology, and psychology. These disciplines will also give undergraduates a broader perspective in economics and business.

Career Prospects

Chief Economist, Corporate Economist, Business Consultant, Strategic Analyst, Development Analyst, Business Economics Professionals, Analytics Associate, Economic Research Analyst, Business Analyst, and more. 

Highlighted Activities/Processes

In addition to classroom learning, S1 Business Economics also has various internal and external projects and offers joint subjects and joint research to students. There are also collaborations with industries such as commercial projects, private research, co-teaching, field study, guest lectures, internships, and company visits.

Industry & Academic Cooperation

S1 Business Economics has a fast-track bachelor-to-master degree program with Boston University. It also collaborates with several foreign universities for study abroad programs, including the University of New South Wales (UNSW), University of Alabama, Monash University, Boston University, Woosong University, Shih Chien University, Solbridge International School of Business, Management and Science University, Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena, National Taiwan University, Tsing Hua University, and The University of Sheffield. 

Student Organization

The Business Economics Strategic (BEST) Association is a student organization formed by Business Economics undergraduate students at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. It is a place for students majoring in Business Economics to gather and discuss from various perspectives on various economic and non-economic activities. It aims to raise awareness around the economic world itself.

Events & Activites

BEST Challenge
Company Visit

The Business Economics Strategic (BEST) Challenge is presented as a competition that will hone the entrepreneurial spirit of high school students in Indonesia. BEST Challenge challenges each participant’s knowledge, analytical skills, solutions and creative ideas through the latest topics in the business and economic world. Participants are also provided with seminars and training for each topic that is contested.

Fridate, an exclusive event for Business Economics students,  is an afternoon semi-formal discussion that aims to broaden students’ knowledge of business analysis and other major issues. Make sure you at least come to Fridate once throughout your Prasetiya Mulya journey.

Indonesians are taught to have a caring character towards the people around them. According to the quote “Tak kenal maka tak sayang”, the first batch of Business Economics students held a bonding program where all went to Puncak and had fun! Students went on night safaris, did midnight sports, held barbecues, did morning-swimmings, and of course, had endless eating sessions! If you want to be part of the Business Economics family, make sure you join the bonding program!

The program’s first company visit was to the Nielsen Company. Nielsen is a leading global information and measurement company, providing market research insights and data on people’s activity. It was a very enjoyable experience learning about tips and tricks on how to retrieve the most accurate information.

Faculty Member:

Fati Ramadhanti, M.Bus.Ec – Program Chair
Reinardus A. Suryandaru, S.E, Msc. – Vice Program Chair
Albert Hasudungan, Ph.D – Lab Head
Alvin Desfiandi, S.E., M.Se., Midec


Prof., Dr. Djisman S. Simandjuntak
Erica Novianti Lukas, M.A.
Prof., Dr., Mari Elka Pangestu, B.Ec., M.Ec.
Yohanes B. Kadarusman, Ph.D.
Hoirun Nisa, S.E, M.Si



A program designed to meet the needs of business experts who can apply economic theory to innovative business practices and strategies, as well as capitalize on future opportunities.


Graduates have job opportunities as Chief Economist, Corporate Economist, Business Consultant, Strategic Analyst, Development Analyst, Business Economics Professionals, Risk Strategy Analyst, Analytics Associate, Economic Research Analyst, and Business Analyst.


4 (four) years.


Diverse learning methods, including case studies, guest lectures, critical reviews, simulations, company visits, field projects, internships, and seminars. Relevant soft skills for industry development, preparing graduates for the global market. Preparation for students to obtain certifications such as advanced Excel and data science certification.


S. E. (Bachelor of Economics).


  • “Economics Business is a platform for my self-improvement. I learned the importance of teamwork and how to process data meaningfully. During my studies, I also had the opportunity for a student exchange to China where I could meet new people from various backgrounds and exchange ideas for youth controversy to society.”

    Kathryn Nabasa
    Undergraduate of Business Economics 2017—AIESEC Global Volunteer 2018
  • “Business economics is a program that can be characterized with one word – holistic. It combines theory and practice to create versatile economists skilled in business and trade.”

    Joseph Adriel
    Undergraduate of Business Economics 2017—National Winner of HSBC Business Case Competition 2018